Orakau to Kawakawa Bay

This Grade 3 section takes you from the Whangamata Road carp park, with the trail following the Orakau Stream and Karakeke (flax) wetland through regenerating native bush down to Kawakawa Bay on the edge of Lake Taupo.  The trail is generally downhill and offers stunning views across the lake to the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park.

You can continue the ride back to Kinloch on the K2K trail, or you can transfer back to Kinloch by Bay2Bay boat shuttle.

Distance 9.8km.  Approximately 1 hour cycling or 3 hours walking.

K2K – Kawakawa to Kinloch

From the Kawakawa Bay, the trail climbs up through native bush to the Te Kauwae headland providing a reward of spectacular views across the lake and up the Western Bays.  The trail then descends to the lake edge with the final section on the lake front before finishing at the shelter on the domain in the village of Kinloch.  Distance 9.2km

Approximately 3 hours walking or 1.5 hours riding.

Included: 4WD transfer to start of track from Kinloch.

DOC Approved label