Environment & Social Responsibilities


Protecting the environment, local wildlife and contributing back to the community are very important to Chris Jolly Outdoors. That is why we implemented several sustainable practices so that our day-to-day operations are run with the least environmental impact as possible.

All our staff – from our crew on board to our guides and our admin staff at HQ – are trained to ensure that our wastage is minimised, natural resources are used effectively and recycling is done whenever possible. We are always mindful of our impact in the natural environment we work in.


No Straw Policy

Did you know that billions of straws are used daily all over the world? These short-lived tools are usually dropped into a garbage can with no further thought, instantly becoming a source of plastic pollution. This plastic eventully make its way into our lake, rivers and oceans, endangering all water life.

Chris Jolly Outdoors is very proud to have a ‘no straw’ policy on all our boats. We encourage our visitors to refuse plastic straws and spread the “straw free” message to stop this unnecessary plastic pollution.

It is our hope that this initiative will make people aware about plastic pollution and our society’s disposable culture on a larger scale. Our ultimate goal is for straws to become relics of the past.



Recycling and reducing waste is very important to us at Chris Jolly Outdoors and that is why we have implemented recycling initiatives such as :

  • Staff are consciously recycling on all boats.
  • Our hiking and biking guides ensure that no rubbish is left on the trails and all recyclable items are brought back to base for recycling.
  • We have reduced paper usage in the office due to the implementation of a new online booking software and CRM.
  • Recyclable items at Head Office are separated and recycled as well.
  • Our meat from our butcher comes in butchers paper instead of plastic packaging.
  • All sandwiches in our guests’ lunch packs are wrapped in biodegradable paper and packed in reusable lunch bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Our Jolly Pilsener beers are bottled in recyclable bottles.


Waste Management

Waste is inevitable in every business but we strive to minimise wastage as much as we can. Some of our initiatives are :

  • Our vacuum sealer has helped tremendously in reducing food wastage as leftover cuts can be stored freshly and hygienically instead of throwing it away.
  • All rubbish from the boat trips are removed and disposed of at the waste centre.
  • Fish waste are disposed of at the Harbour Masters facility.
  • Sewage is pumped into the Internal Affairs tank supply which leads to the town supply.


Environmental Responsibilities

We believe in being environmentally responsible in our operations and have implemented these systems to help create a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

  • Upgraded one of our boats to reduce fuel emissions. We are currently looking at changing the engines on another boat.
  • Installed new water filtration systems for the boats.
  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly and no cleaning fluid goes back into the lake.
  • There is a special yellow zone area in our yard for boat cleaning. All waste goes into a drain which leads to a sump hole. This sump hole takes the water back to the water waste management for cleaning. Nothing enters the lake.
  • We are constantly working with DOC to avoid over fishing and ensure that we always comply with environmental practices for the Lake Taupo District. Simon Jolly is on the board of the Taupo Fishing Advisory Committee to ensure sustainable fishing practices are implemented in Lake Taupo.


Cultural & Social initiatives

Chris Jolly Outdoors believe that working alongside the local community to develop cultural and social initiatives will benefit the entire community as a whole.

  • We are working with local iwi to create a ‘Cultural Arm’ of the business by incorporating cultural stories and history of Ngati Tuwharetoa, our local Maori tribe.
  • Working with Te Kura Kaupapa to create content for ‘Taurikura’.
  • The creation of the ‘School Access Programme’ where children can go on the lake for a heavily discounted rate. The idea is to create a ‘floating classroom’ where kids can learn about the lake and the flora and fauna in it. We are working with the Ministry of Education to ensure our boats are compliant in all respects. The programme was launched for the Taupo district and will be available to schools nationwide.
  • We have a relationship with ‘Friends of the Force’ that offers a 10% discount for all current and ex-service men.
  • Organising local events so that locals get the chance to experience our products at a very affordable rate. We recently held an Easter Rock Hunt where we ran a rock painting competition and treasure hunt on the boat.
  • We have a ‘Kids go free’ campaign running every school holidays.
  • Offering a reduced family pass rate with the focus on making the Scenic Cruise more family friendly with free activities on board like colouring in, treasure hunts and puzzle handouts.



We believe in giving back to the community so we are always up for helping out wherever we can through sponsorship of prizes at local schools, local events or to help in local charities and organisations fundraise for a certain cause.

  • Donations to Hospice and a number of other national organisations such as Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand.
  • Reduced rates for charities and non profits such as Burns Victims Charity.
  • Actively involved with Bike Taupo as a major sponsor to help develop and encourage biking in Taupo.


Thank you so much for your contribution to our Walk 2 D'Feet Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in November 2017. MND is a tremendously debilitating disease that can feel very isolating due to the difficulties many people have communicating and getting out and about. Your kindness and generosity has made a real difference to us.

Beth Watson, MND New Zealand President

Katie, we wish to express our thanks and gratitude for your generous support of Dairy Flat School Agricultural Day. Your involvement meant it was truly a community event. This year's proceeds are going towards a student kitchen so thank you very much for your contribution to make this happen at Dairy Flat School.

Debbie Marshall, Dairy Flat School Principal

Katie & Simon, thanks so much for Chris Jolly Outdoors sponsorship of our Taupo Christmas Classic 2017. Without sponsors, our show would not be able to run and we are very grateful! All the best to you and your team.

Sue, Pete & Megan, Taupo Christmas Classic