Red Stag Hunts With Chris Jolly Outdoors


There are plenty of trophy and free range stags around the property with our clients experiencing high success rates. There are good representative stags roaming the property and Trophy Stags upward of 300+ SCI within our fair chase environment.

During the Roar (rut), the master stags tend to herd the hinds (does) into the native forest. This provides thrilling close encounter type hunting (if a little energetic!) as we are often able to call the stags into close proximity. After the Roar, the stags tend to drift out of the forest and feed on the grass adjacent, recouping after the rigours of the mating season.

This type of hunting is more about the use of binoculars and longer range shooting and often produces the biggest stags. We are targeting 10-14 point animals that may be up to 40″. We do NOT charge trophy fees for each animal shot so there is always a chance to take a second bigger stag during your stay.

The options listed are all ‘fair chase’ hunts and we cannot guarantee that the necessary trophy will be taken; so much depends on the individual hunter’s skill. We do guarantee a high standard of service and the presence of trophy animals and are proud of our success rate.

To arrange a hunting trip, please email or phone 0800 252 628.

We came all the way from America to experience hunting red stags in New Zealand. Chris Jolly Outdoors organised everything for us and made our trip so easy. Plus we bagged quite a few trophy stags! Certainty not disappointed.

Paul Huntington

We wanted to do something different as a family so we chose to go turkey hunting with Chris Jolly Outdoors. We had so much fun, especially our teenage boys. Thanks team!

Karen Tilly

We thought the property was excellent and the hunting magnificent. Couldn't have asked for a better setting and a better trip.

Jerry Harold