The Chris Jolly Outdoors New Zealand hunting packages

An expert hunting guide will help you track down dinner and a trophy. From novice to seasoned, our clients have sought our expertise from every corner of the globe. Step behind the velvet rope into an exclusive playground. Whether your hunting aim is to secure a trophy to take home, or just enjoy the thrill of the chase in stunning natural surroundings, our expert guides have you covered. Have a chance at nature’s bounty, get in contact with us today.

Trip Highlights

Access to 10,000 acres of pristine hunting ground!

What’s Provided:

If you would like your trip catered please let us know. Wet weather gear and firearms will be sorted for you. There is no need for a licence if you are one-to-one with a licenced guide. Accommodation can be provided for an overnight or mulitinight trips.

Transport and Timing:

The Chris Jolly team can provide transport to and from your accommodation and the length of the hunting tour is really up to you. Give us a bell to start planning your adventure!

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Mount Ngaurahoe in New Zealand

Hunting Grounds

With a stunning playground of fair chase hunts, trophies range from 300-350 SCI rating. Red Deer and Fallow on offer.  Wildlife is in abundance, with the enchanting terrain providing a hearty experience from novice to expert. The hunting conditions are varied with large native Podocarp forests, scrub lands and open grass pastures which make for a perfect environment for both deer and hunter.  The sheer isolation brings an added edge to this wilderness escape.
Our base camp has accommodation with full catering options available. You can book in for a single or multi day adventure with the experienced team. On a clear evening here, the sky is a brilliant array of stars, with calls of New Zealand’s native owls and wildlife providing a soothing night time serenade.  You’d best pack for a while, as you may not want to leave!

The Sika, Reds and Fallow deer are waiting for you to come and take your shot, don’t miss your chance.

Guided Hunting With Dog In Central North Island New Zealand

Guided Hunting Trip Options

We have exclusive access to thousands of acres of stunning native bush for meat or trophy hunting (taxidermy available). One guide for up to two people.
One day and multi day itineraries can be adjusted for your needs (catering, accommodation, equipment).  Just 90 minutes drive from Taupō CBD or 25minutes heli from Taupō. Helicopter transport can be arranged from anywhere in New Zealand, and we can arrange transport from Auckland International Airport or our local domestic terminal at Taupō either by vehicle or helicopter.

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We’ll provide the cold beer, the stags and the sunset, all you have to bring is yourself

Alpine View of New Zealand Bush

Chris Jolly Outdoors has been taking guided hunting trips for over 40 years

All firearms, food, and transport to and from the property are included. We provide all bedding and accommodation amenities for a multi-night stay with us and can also amend our catering to include your dietary requirements. You Should Bring camouflage warm hunting clothes that should be of woollen material for warmth and body protection. Footwear should consist of at least one pair of light but sturdy boots with a good grip. A rain jacket, rain trousers, woollen hat and gloves are recommended for the cooler months. We can supply fishing waders if necessary should we stop for a fish along the way.

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"Blown away by the location"
snow covered hills ruapehu nz

Hunting Location

Your new hunting grounds are set across 2-3 locations with various hunting grounds situated at the southern end of Lake Taupō, with good representative free range stags roaming the property and trophy stags upward of 300+ SCI within our fair chase environment. The terrain and hunting conditions are varied with large native Podocarp forests, scrub lands (reverted pasture) and open grass pastures which make for a perfect landscape for both the deer and the hunter. Access around the property is on well-formed 4 x 4 tracks but a reasonable amount of fitness will certainly improve your chances.

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"Share and celebrate the adventure and wonder in nature" - Orvis
Taupo Guided Hunting With Chris Jolly Outdoors

Hunting Aotearoa

Under New Zealand law, visiting hunters bringing their own firearms into NZ must obtain a firearms tourist licence from the NZ police at the International airport on their arrival. Please note that pistols and sidearms are not permitted in this country. If a visiting hunter decides to use our firearms no permit is required as long as the guide is licensed.

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Guided Hunting With Dog In Central North Island New Zealand

What time of year is best for deer hunting in NZ

Deer hunting in the north island is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors. The best time of year for deer hunting in NZ is early spring, when the deer are shed their winter coats and the days are starting to get longer. There are also a few other factors that can make deer hunting in NZ even more enjoyable, such as the fact that the deer are more active during this time of year and they are also easier to spot as they move around in search of food. So if you’re looking for a great opportunity to deer hunt, make sure to book your guided hunt in early spring.

waterfall in Taupo NZ

Types of deer you can hunt in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to a variety of deer species that make for popular game animals. In the North Island, you can find red deer, sambar deer, and wapiti, while the South Island is home to red deer, whitetail deer, and fallow deer. Each species has its own unique characteristics, making them a challenge and rewarding to hunt. With its varied landscapes and abundance of deer populations, New Zealand is a paradise for deer hunters from all over the world. So come and experience the thrill of the hunt in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Rural Alpine Landscape New Zealand

The importance of a good guide while deer hunting in NZ

Deer hunting in New Zealand’s north island is an extremely popular tourist activity, and for good reason. New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful deer, and the country’s herds are managed carefully to ensure a sustainable population. A good guide will not only ensure that you have a safe and successful hunt, but will also be able to teach you about deer behavior and track down the best deer for you to hunt. With a good guide by your side, deer hunting in NZ can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all experience levels.

The Central Plateau New Zealand

What level of experience do I need?

Deer hunting with Chris jolly outdoors is a great way to get outdoors and experience some of the best deer hunting that New Zealand has to offer. Chris jolly has a range of Guided Hunting from single-day hunts to multi-day expeditions. No matter what your level of experience, there is a  Chris jolly Guided Hunting trip that is perfect for you. If you are new to deer hunting, consider signing up for a single-day hunt. This will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of deer hunting without having to commit to a longer trip. For those with more deer hunting experience, multi-day deer hunting trips are available that will take you deep into the backcountry in pursuit of trophy deer. No matter what your deer hunting goals are, Chris jolly outdoors has a trip that is right for you.

Let loose, let yourself take a chance on a journey full of wonder and adrenaline click here to make it happen.


The Cruise To Plant Project

Chris Jolly Outdoors is committed to planting trees in an effort to protect and enhance Aotearoa’s natural environment. All passengers on Chris Jolly Outdoors scenic cruises will have a dollar from their ticket price go towards the planting project with The Opepe Farm Trust. This is one of the first planting initiatives for Chris Jolly with the future goals being to offset the boat charter service and to become carbon neutral. The partnership with The Opepe Farm Trust will help to ensure that the right trees are planted for sustainability. The Trust is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations and has the knowledge and expertise to guide the project. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change and help to preserve our natural environment.

Have a closer look at our initiative

Your Taupō Activity Partner

As the trusted activity partner for things to do in Taupō for forty years, Chris Jolly Outdoors will take care of you during your stay here.  From absolute relaxation and fishing crystal pools to exciting hikes in the wilderness; we are the go-to guides to tick off that bucket list.

In Taupō, the possibilities are truly endless. But one thing is sure; we will create a memorable experience for you that you’ll treasure forever.  Put yourself in the picture with us, and book with us today.

More about us

What We Offer

  • Five private charter boats for small or large functions up to 140 pax with full catering/bar/fishing equipment and an exclusive personal crew
  • Access to private land, water and know-how of local’s secret spaces
  • Corporate events & team building.

Reliable and Experienced

  • We’re a family headed by Chris’s son Simon Jolly with a number of the Jolly clan still working within the team
  • We’re a bunch of fishing, hiking, boating, biking, and bush experts with experienced staff who can teach you a lot about the Taupō region.
  • We’ve spent forty years in the industry taking care of people’s holidays.

Our Qualifications

  • Gold Qualmark rated (5 star rating NZ)
  • Our Fly fishing guides are Orvis endorsed, a globally recognised mark of excellence
  • Partners with Ngāti Tūwharetoa (TMGH) with a focus on growing Māori Tourism for Taupō


What clothing is best for hiking, hunting, fishing or being outdoors in Taupō?

Conditions are changeable in Taupō, so it's best to be prepared! The local's joke that Taupō can have four seasons in a day!

  • Hiking boots with good ankle support and grip, or other sturdy footwear
  • Sun hat or warm beanie – pack one and wear the other (we lose 70% of heat through our heads alone!)
  • Sunglasses – wear or pack, NZ has harsh sunlight.
  • Base layer: top and leggings in polypropylene/wool, quick dry shorts or pants
  • Mid layer: long-sleeved top in wool or polar fleece – wear or pack depending on the weather
  • Gloves in polypropylene/wool – wear or pack, only in Winter really.
  • Socks in polypropylene or wool ( a spare pair is always a good idea)

A good exterior layer:

  • Wind and waterproof jacket with hood – wear or pack depending on the weather
  • Waterproof overtrousers optional

I’m planning on going hiking while in Taupō, what should I bring?

The Essentials

  • Day pack with a waterproof liner (no one likes wet clothes)
  • Drink bottle –  2 litre, per day you will be out.
  • Packed lunch and snacks – if you are coming on a guided hike with us here at Chris Jolly Outdoors  we can cater your hike
  • Fully charged mobile phone ­
  • Personal medication, eg antihistamines, asthma medication
  • Extra base layer and socks
  • Rubbish bag
  • Map of the area you'll be walking - if you are being guided you will not need this, we will direct you.

Emergency equipment:

if you are coming on a guided hike with us here at Chris Jolly Outdoors we will make sure to have the following list on hand.
  • Basic first aid kit including hand sanitiser, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Head torch/torch and spare batteries in case you take longer than intended
  • Survival blanket to keep you warm in an emergency
  • Whistle in case your split up or need help
  • Extra high energy snack food

Are there any native birds around Taupō?

Tui, Fantail and wax eyes are amongst the beautiful birdsong that serenades lake Taupō's verdant native bush.

What if I want to take a hunting trophy home?

If you were lucky enough to bag your shot, your guide will be happy to cape and salt your trophy/trophies for you. If you would like your trophy mounted, that can be arranged here in NZ and we can arrange to have it dispatched freight forward by air to your specified destination. We will complete all necessary documentation for you so that it is all taken care of!

What should I bring hunting?

There's a list! Although we provide all firearms, food and transport to and from the hunting ground (on our one day tours). We do not provide a firearms licence. By NZ law, visiting hunters bringing their own firearms must obtain a firearms tourist licence from the NZ police at the International airport on their arrival. Visiting hunters, however, using our firearms does not require a licence as our guides are fully licenced. If you choose a multi-day drip we will also provide bedding, food and beverages. We can accommodate all dietary requests so long as we are made aware of them ahead of time. All that aside, please bring:
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Woollen based clothing
  • Additional layers
  • Woollen hat and gloves
  • A rain jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Boots, sturdy with good grip - trainers/runners are not boots.

Is it possible to take home venison on the hunting trip?

Yes! Subject to you or your guide hitting the target on your hind or stag. Venison is a lovely lean meat, perfect for a BBQ lunch, or steak dinner with the fam. Pair with a fresh green salad and roasted Kumara for the ultimate kai.

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