Guided Full Day Fly Fishing Trips

Experience the incredible fishing of the Central North Island with our Orvis Endorsed guides. Our full day fly fishing experience is the best choice for more experienced anglers who want quality time out in the water.

Trip Highlights

Productive, fish rich tributaries in the beautiful scenery of the Central Plateau.

What’s Provided

  • An Orvis Endorsed fishing guide
  • A Taupō Fishing Licence
  • Orvis approved rods, reels, waders, boots and jackets
  • Required flies, leaders and tackle
  • Lunch, snacks and refreshments

Transport and Timing

The Chris Jolly team provides transport to and from our fishing spots as part of the costs. The trip is around 8 hours, including travel time.


We recommend the following clothing:

In warmer months:

  • Rubber-soled boots, with plastic studs if possible.
  • Light layers, a fleece/light jersey in case of a bit of breeze in the shade.

In cooler months:

  • Thermal layers, preferably wool-based
  • A winter hat and gloves.
  • We provide outerwear but you are welcome to bring your own gear if you have it.

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The sound of the reel screaming while the rod is bent double on a gleaming rainbow trout is an experience you’ll never forget.

Orvis endorsed Fly Fishing Guide With A Rainbow Trout In Taupo New Zealand

Fly Fishing in Taupō

The Taupō region is fly fishing heaven – Chris Jolly Outdoors has the experience and knowledge to make your fly fishing trip one to remember.

Introduced from the late 1880’s, brown and rainbow trout have flourished in Lake Taupō and it’s tributary rivers. Our lake is full of clean, cold water, with an abundance of food sources for the trout, which leads to a thriving, well conditioned fish population. Most fish will be between 1.3kg to 2.2kg, but the odd trophy trout has been recorded at over 5kgs!

The area is popular for dry fly fishing – the large insect populations make for ideal conditions. While nymph and streamer fishing can also be productive, many anglers come to Taupō specifically for dry fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Seasons

The Taupō region is a fly fisherman’s paradise, with plenty of local rivers and streams to fish all year round.

  • Spring – October sees fish putting on great condition with an increase of feed
  • Summer – Perfect try for dry fly fishing with all rivers open in December
  • Autumn – A bit more of a challenging time, but worth the effort –  the remaining fish have learnt a thing or two
  • Winter – The spawning runs have made this area famous for incredible winter fishing

Local headwaters may be closed May – October. Backcountry rivers open December – May.

Your Guides

Chris Jolly Outdoors guides for our fly fishing trips are Orvis Endorsed. What does that mean? You’re in the care of a guide whom has been approved by Orvis to have a high level of competency, and incredible professional manner.

They’re put under scrutiny in lots of different areas to make sure they’re a skilled guide, prepared, with the mental alertness and physical prowess to accept any challenge – good or bad! Your guide is your leader throughout the day, and the Orvis Endorsement guarantees they’ve got what it takes to make your trip special.

As part of our Orvis Endorsement, we only use Orvis rods, reels, waders, and boots.

Tongariro river in Taupo with Trout

Experience Tūrangi’s Best Fly Fishing

Our team of experienced and Orvis-Endorsed guides will take you on a guided expedition to some of the best trout fishing waters in the world. Tūrangi is world-renowned for its trout fishing, and we’ll make sure you have a chance to experience it first-hand.

Tūrangi is the perfect place to drop a line all year round. The fisheries here include local rivers and streams, the main Lake Taupō, and backcountry rivers – all of which offer excellent fishing for rainbow and brown trout. The average weight of the trout here is 1-2 kg, but there are always a few trophy fish up for grabs each season.

So come on out and enjoy a full day of guided fly fishing with us – you won’t be disappointed!

Orvis endorsed Fly fishing guide, is fly fishing in a river off Lake Taupo New Zealand

Get the Local Knowledge

The Taupō region is well-known for its fly fishing. Our Orvis-endorsed guides will show you the best locations for fly fishing and provide an unforgettable experience.

From the Tongariro, to the challenging Waitahanui, or the pristine, untouched backcountry waterways, we have an incredible amount of knowledge of where and when the best fishing is to be had.

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Get your feet cold and keep your lines tight!

An Orvis endorsed guide can help you have a successful fly fishing experience fishing for Brown And Rainbow Trout

40 Years of Fly Fishing Expertise

For over 40 years, Chris Jolly Outdoors has been helping anglers to experience the thrill of trout fishing in Lake Taupō.

As one of New Zealand’s oldest and most experienced fly-fishing guide providers, we know all the best spots and can provide you with everything you need to make your trout fishing adventure a success.

Chris Jolly Outdoors uses the best quality equipment to provide a great fly fishing experience for their clients.

Tailor-made Trips

Fly fishing is a unique and rewarding experience, but it can also be intimidating for newcomers.  We’ll take into account your level of experience, and the fishing techniques you are comfortable with.

We create a custom itinerary that will help you make the most of your time on the water and have a productive day fishing in our beautiful region.

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Join us for a truly unique fly fishing experience


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What We Offer

  • Private charter boats with catering/bar/fishing equipment and crew
  • Access to private land, water and know-how of local’s secret spaces
  • Functions, corporate events & team building

Reliable & Experienced

  • Over forty years in the central North Island tourism industry
  • We’re a family business, with local Taupō knowledge
  • Our staff are experienced adventure experts

Adventure Qualified

  • 5 Star Rated Gold Qualmark
  • Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guides
  • Trip Advisor’s Travellers Choice 2023
  • Partnered with Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Your Taupō Activity Partner

From beautiful lake views, to fishing crystal pools, to scenic hikes in the central North Island wilderness; Chris Jolly Outdoors are the go-to guides to tick off that bucket list.

In Taupō, the adventure possibilities are truly endless. We guarantee one thing – we’ll create a memorable experience for you that you’ll treasure forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a trip with Chris Jolly Outdoors?

You can book a trip with Chris Jolly Outdoors by either calling us on +64 7 378 0623, emailing us at or filling out the form to make an enquiry. If you want to book a cruise to the Māori Rock carvings, head over to the experience page to book direct.

Do you have transport available?

Yes. Some of our trips include transfers but we can arrange helicopter or road transfers from anywhere in the country.  Our guided fishing adventures have heli transfer options, with our grounds being either a 90 minute drive or a 25 minute flight from Taupo CBD.

Where is the best fly fishing in NZ?

We reckon the best fly fishing is on the rivers and streams that flow into Lake Taupō. The conditions here are just perfect for well conditioned rainbow and brown trout.

When is the best time to go fly fishing in Taupō?

From May through to October, the trout spawning gears up and runs upstream into the Taupo rivers. If you want a large trophy or very tasty rainbow or brown trout, this is the time to gear up and go!

What is the weather like in Turangi during October to May?

The weather in Turangi during October to May is stable and ranges from 2-22 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect time of year for fly fishing.

What is the best way to increase my chances of success when fly fishing?

The best way to increase your chances of success when fly fishing is to book a guided trip with our Orvis-endorsed guides.

Are there any trophy fish that can be caught in Turangi?

Yes, there are trophy brown and rainbow trout that can be caught in Turangi. These fish can weigh up to 2 kilos.

What is the average weight of the trout caught in Turangi?

The average weight of the trout caught in Turangi is 1-2kg.

What is the difference between a guided and unguided fly fishing trip?

A guided fly fishing trip is where you will be supplied with a license and all the necessary equipment, and an expert guide will take you to the best spots for trout fishing. An unguided fly fishing trip is where you rent the equipment and do not have a guide.

Do I need a licence to go fly fishing?

Yes, you will need a New Zealand Sports Fishing Licence. We will supply all required licenses on our guided trips.

What type of fish can be found in the rivers around Lake Taupō?

The rivers and streams around Lake Taupō are home to Rainbow and Brown Trout. These fish can range in size from 1-2 kg, with a few trophy fish up for grabs each season.

What is the best time of year to go fly fishing around Lake Taupō?

The best time of year to go fly fishing in rivers and streams in the Lake Taupō region is from October to May – this is when the weather is most stable and the fish are biting.

What is the maximum group size?

We can accommodate groups of all sizes, contact us about your group’s requirements and we can tailor a trip to suit you.

Do I need experience to go fly fishing in Taupō?

You don’t need any experience to go fly fishing with Chris Jolly Outdoors. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman looking to catch a trophy trout, or a beginner wanting to learn the basics of fly fishing, we have an adventure for you.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own equipment! Anything you don’t have, we can supply for the best fishing experience.

What should I wear for fly fishing in Taupō?

Conditions are changeable in Taupō, so it’s best to be prepared! The locals joke that Taupō can have four seasons in a day!

  • Rubber-soled boots, with plastic studs if possible
  • Sun hat or warm beanie – pack one and wear the other
  • Sunglasses – wear or pack, NZ has harsh sunlight
  • Gloves in polypropylene/wool – wear or pack for winter
  • Socks in polypropylene or wool (a spare pair is always a good idea)
  • A fleece or light jersey just in case for summer
  • Thermal layers in winter

Layer up your clothes:

  • Base layer – top and leggings in polypropylene/wool, quick dry shorts or pants
  • Mid layer – long-sleeved top in wool or polar fleece – wear or pack depending on the weather
  • Exterior layer – Wind and waterproof jacket with hood – wear or pack depending on the weather (waterproof overtrousers optional)
  • Bring your own outerwear, or we can provide!
What is the best way to learn fly fishing?

Practice makes progress! We recommend learning how to fly fish on a half-day fly fishing experience with a Chris Jolly Orvis Endorsed guide.

Can I wear felt-soled boots while fly fishing?

No. Felt-soled boots are banned in New Zealand as they can contribute to the spread of invasive species in our waterways. Learn more on the Fish and Game NZ site.

Do I need to clean my gear before and after fly fishing?

If you have fished in other waterways, you should always Check, Clean, Dry your kit to protect the waterways from invasive species.

Check – remove debris from your equipment. Clean – wash gear with detergent. Dry – If cleaning’s impractical, dry the item then leave drying for an additional 48 hours.

Learn more on the Fish and Game NZ site.

What risks are involved in your activities?

All our activities include some level of risk. Your guides takes all practicable steps to ensure your safety, and with any activity in the outdoors you acknowledge an element of risk involved.

Scenic Cruise / Private Charters are operated on Lake Taupō, which is a deep and exposed body of water, with its inherent risks.

Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport.

Hiking in the outdoors is an inherently dangerous activity.

Fly Fishing is a water based activity, and that with water, risks are increased.

Please read our Disclosure document for a full list of potential risks.

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