A Message From The Helm With Simon Jolly

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As always, in bad situations, there are opportunities that arise, and as we are heading out of our summer season I thought I’d share some of them with you.

Having been involved in the tourism industry for over 30 years, and now owning a tourism business that has been operating for over 40 years, the current situation that the majority of New Zealand tourism businesses are now facing is something that has never been seen before and hopefully, I never see again in my lifetime!! The decades of hard work it has taken to build up these businesses and place New Zealand as an international tourism destination is very rapidly being undone and will soon leave them in a position that is unrecoverable through no fault of their own.

New Zealand tourism people are in this industry because they are passionate about what they do and here at Chris Jolly Outdoors this is mandatory!

Mt Ngaurahoe in New Zealand
Mt Ngaurahoe in New Zealand.


Whether it’s our Fly Fishing guides taking people on their first experience up a river, our skippers and crew showing people the Modern Maori Rock Carvings or catching a fish on the lake for the very first time, our drive to deliver the very best experience possible is the number one priority on our list.

After being let out from lockdown last year, the local rivers and streams provided some of the most spectacular fly fishing I’ve ever seen, and the way the season is shaping this year I reckon we’re going to be in for another boomer!!

If you get the chance, come down and try fly fishing for the first time. Let our guides (maybe even me if you’re unlucky!) get you started in this amazing sport and with our top-of-the-line gear it really is an all-weather experience. We don’t just teach beginners! Hone your skills or revive your old passion. We will be hosting ‘learn to fish’ weekend packages as well as our inaugural invitational catch and release tournament’.

valley and hills in owhaoko
Valley and hills in Owhaoko.


The release of our new product Te Whare Ruruhau is fairly spectacular, to say the least! Situated in the middle of nowhere and only accessible by helicopter, Te Whare Ruruhau is the ultimate ‘isolation vacation’. Enquire about a 24 hr Hike and Relax package today.

Taupo is the ultimate venue to host your corporate retreats. With many great accommodation options and Chris Jolly Outdoors on hand to look after all your offsite activities, be it on the Lake, in the rivers, or up the mountains, we have the ability to cater for everyone and make sure you and your staff or clients have the Ultimate Taupo Experience!!

rocks and river in taupo NZ
Rocks and river in Taupo, NZ.

So Come Visit!

So please don’t forget about us down here in Taupo, where we’ve spent the last 40 years providing amazing memories and want to be here for the next 40 doing just the same. Drop us an email, pick up the phone for a chat, call in for a coffee, or arrange for a time to meet me at the pub and let’s sort out getting you back into the outdoors.

Nga Mihi
Bottoms up

Simon Jolly

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