The Urban List: Here’s How to Spend a Thrilling 48-hours in Taupo

Outdoors Taupo

We know it’s a tough gig at the moment, not being able to jet off on holiday to a tropical island in the Pacific or do your OE in Europe, but we should count our blessings that we have our own backyard to explore and thankfully she’s a beauty.

If like us, you love a summer adventure, then pack up your things, hit the road and get ready for an epic staycation.

Well, Taupo, of course—a peaceful lakeside town that is home to a plethora of exciting bucket-list activities and rejuvenating outdoor experiences. It really is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. From stunning lake views to epic hiking trails and jaw-dropping accommodation, your holiday blues will be cured in no time.

Find out more about the various activities that The Urban List recommends!

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